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1.The Valuation

Royal Tunbridge Wells Valuations’ (RTWV) valuation is based on our opinion, having regard to the extent of the examination undertaken, as to (unless otherwise stated in writing) the value or range of values and according to the purpose of the valuation and/or conditions of sale or purchase within which RTWV would expect the item/s to sell or be replaced. The valuation relies upon such information as provided by the Client.  The valuation assumes that each item is free from any third party interests, restrictions or claims.


2.Sale Expenses/Taxes

The valuation does not take into account any sales expenses, commissions and taxes (including capital taxes) which might apply or become due on the sale of the item/s.



The Client requesting the valuation represents and warrants to RTWV that such Client is the owner of the item(s) or is duly authorised by the owner to have the item/s valued.


4.Appraisal Tests

The Client gives RTWV permission to carry out any necessary tests as agreed for the purposes of identifying gemstones, metals and/or watches.



The Client agrees for the Valuer to take and store digital images of specific items or overall room views for the purpose of reference only. Images will not be published in any format without prior consent.



The Client agrees to pay RTWV the fee for the valuation, to include VAT and any out of pocket expenses. Fees are charged at the RTWV standard valuation rates (as published or) as agreed in writing.

7.Additional Services

Additional services relating to this valuation are subject to additional fees i.e. value updates and court fees that occur in connection with expert witnessing.


8.Payment Terms

Payment to be received within 7 days of the date of the invoice or as agreed in writing on an individual client basis and accepted prior to the valuation.


9.Non-Disclosure of Valuation

RTW Valuations is RTWV copyright and is prepared only for the Client to who it is addressed and only for the specific purpose stated in the valuation. It is not to be used by any other person or third party or disclosed to any third party other than the Clients professional advisors assisting in respect of the purpose of the valuation. The valuation is not to be copied or reproduced by any means or published in any form without the prior written consent of RTWV.


10.Lien of Goods

RTWV reserves the right to hold any goods left with RTWV until full payment has been received for goods and/or related services.


11.Valuer’s Liability

The Client agrees the Valuer’s liability is limited to the cost of repair or replacement and will not exceed the Client’s stated value.


        I.  If there is no stated value by the Client the Valuer’s liability    will not exceed £500.


12.Data Protection

Please follow this link.